Honouring Anger Workshop June

Honouring Anger Workshop June


Workshop with Alexandra Wilson and Claire Mace on Saturday 30th June 10am-5pm in Llanfachraeth. You will use yoga, meditation, space, catharsis, reflection and sharing to help you find space for, understand and honour your anger.


Saturday 30th June 2018 10am-5pm in Llanfachraeth

A day of exploring your relationship to anger with Alexandra Wilson and Claire Mace.


In this workshop you will use yoga, meditation, space, catharsis, reflection and sharing to help you understand and honour your anger. It will include:

  • A morning-long yoga session listening to your body’s wisdom around anger
  • Afternoon of process, enquiry and reflection into the nature of your anger
  • Meditations to help you feel where you hold anger and track those feelings
  • Quest for how and when anger can, at times, be a helpful ally
  • Space to explore the interactions between boundaries and anger
  • Sharing strategies for dealing with anger in everyday life
  • Time in community and in nature


Please bring the following with you:

  • Some food for lunch to share with the group
  • A yoga mat (if you have one)
  • A large towel
  • A large blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Pen and paper or journal
  • Your curiosity and openness


Alexandra loves to dance with grief and joy; she is both a birth and “end of life” doula, and an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor based in Tregarth, Gwynedd, and her passion lies in holding and leading people through times of transition and rites of passage across major thresholds; bringing ritual and reverence for the sacred back into our everyday lives.


Claire is an experienced Forrest Yoga teacher and massage therapist based in Llanfachraeth, Ynys Môn. Through exploring her emotional process through yoga and shamanic training she continues to understand, work with and learn from her own anger.


We will be working in Claire’s yoga studio space in Llanfachraeth which holds a maximum of 10 people. Advanced booking is essential. Tickets are £49 (please note that there are some discretionary concessions available if cost is an issue, please ask). Book your spot now on this website or call Claire 07970 409 724.


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